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Indiscriminately penetrating, generates recall and delivers exposure.

A versatile medium, our transit advertising is used to achieve commuter, pedestrian and vehicular exposure by affording the size and color resolution of a billboard as well as the market penetration of a moving vehicle. It also allows brands to cement their messaging with impact, dominance and frequency.

The options are multiple, from fully wrapping a bus, to the use of interior cards that are viewed by the daily commuters, to side and back displays on a moving or static vehicle. The bottom line is that through transit, organisations can get their messages in and out of the heaviest trafficked areas of major metropolitan areas. In short, your brands penetrate every part of a community with dynamic displays, receive high profile exposure, thus generating quick recall which is necessary to establish lasting brand awareness.

Talk to us today and get familiar with some of the creative ways through which you can use transit advertising to reach your desired audience.


Brands are better inspired, exposed from without

With our targeted locations all over Zimbabwe, you can reach out to the consumers you want to speak to most, becoming a part of where your customers work, travel and play everyday. 

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