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About us

Listo Printing & Signage is a wholly owned Zimbabwean company, it is incorporated and fully operational, the business has established itself as one of the leading Printing & Signage service provider in the country, bagging numerous clients in its portfolio

Our approach is based on design thinking. Our diverse and experienced team of designers and team works every day to provide the best printing & signage solutions to our clients. We are 100% client oriented we listen to our clients and that makes us unique in the market. With extensive experience that enables us to look at the problem from a variety of angles, analyze a range of options and help you find the path that would make a success of your ambitions.

We’re passionate

What sets us apart from the competition is that we’re passionate about the products/services we provide and quality of support.

Culture of innovation

Listo Printing & Signage encourages a vibrant environment and forward-thinking, embracing a culture of innovation, inspiring both our employees and clients to seek out new opportunities at every chance.


Our Mission

To be the trendsetter in the provision of the most exquisite, dynamic, innovative, and creative out-of-home advertising solutions that spur brand visibility and engagement.

Our Vision

To be a world-class partner of choice in building and inspiring brands, both existing and fledgling, by helping them impact and connect with their target markets. This will be achieved through fusing new technology, unique creative ideas and our clients’ expectations as well as target market demands.

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Our Culture, Values & Commitment

Passion as a leading outdoor advertising company, our thirst for excellence sustains the entrepreneurial drive in us and we give our best in everything we do. We believe that passion, courage, persistence, and dedication must speak to our unyielding attitude towards unmatched service delivery.

Integrity honesty is at the core of what we do and how we interact with our stakeholders. Hence, sincerity, empathy and trust define us in all our relationships with them.

Innovativeness, we believe that nothing beats an ability to blend innovation with the fastest developing technology of the day to tailor the best-ever service offering for our valued customers.

Win-win situations through inclusion, collaboration, and teamwork, we are committed to rendering pure service for the benefit of our customers and partners. A balanced and win-win outcome of media value, social impact, employee growth and customer gains remain our top priority.

Why you should choose to partner with us

  • Our extensive network is unparalleled, with a diverse portfolio of classic and digital signs across roadside, retail, airport and place-based media offering across the country.
  • Through our strategically positioned sites, your brand exposure will certainly be maximised, allowing campaigns to be timely and relevant to desired contexts.
  • Our adoption of versatile yet modern technology enables us to prepare and schedule content that is efficacious in driving engagement for your brand.
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